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How do I delete a test from a student's record from STAR Reading, STAR Math, or STAR Early Literacy Renaissance Place?

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Last Updated: 7/31/2014




How do I delete a STAR test from a student's record?




If Renaissance Learning hosts your Renaissance Place website, an update was applied the evening of July 31, 2014, to allow district and school administrators to deactivate STAR tests.


If Renaissance Place is installed on a server within your school or district, there is no way to remove a STAR test from a student's record. However, you can re-test a student and use the results from the later test when the reports are generated.


When you specify the Reporting Period on the Report Options page, your report will only include the results for tests taken during this time period. If you include more than one test session in your report period, most reports will display results for the most recent test. The Growth report will compare results for the first and last tests taken during the date range specified. (The Reading Range report in STAR Reading will always display the ZPD for the most recent test taken.)


If a student has tested twice in a single day, reports that include that date will always reflect the later test. If you do not want your reports to include tests taken on a particular day, re-test your student on a different day, and customize your reports.


Example 1:  If Student B accidentally takes a test as Student A, you may have Student A re-test on the same day. All reports including that test session will reflect the later test.


Example 2:  If Student C takes a test, then Student D accidentally tests as Student C later that same day, you should exclude that day of testing from your reports for Student C and have the student test again the next day. Then customize your report to include the subsequent test.


Note:  If students frequently test under the wrong name, review your password requirements. You may want to set the Testing Password Preference to require both the student and monitor passwords for added security.


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