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General Troubleshooting for Hosted Renaissance Place Customers

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Platform: Macintosh, Windows

Last Updated: 7/13/2016


General Troubleshooting for customers using Renaissance Place hosted by Renaissance Learning.


The troubleshooting processes listed below will help you to resolve issues specific to your hosted Renaissance Place Website.


If you are experiencing any of the following problems, try the general troubleshooting processes listed below first. Make sure that you try using Renaissance Place on multiple workstations or platforms to determine whether or not the problem that you are encountering can be narrowed down to a workstation or operating system issue. If you are still encountering problems after trying the following, please call Renaissance Learning Technical Support at 800-338-4204 or email to

Unable to Connect to Renaissance Place

In order to connect to our server, you will need to be able to connect to the Internet. If you receive Page cannot be displayed or Server not found when trying to connect to your Renaissance Place site, see if you can get to other websites. If you are unable to get to other websites, you could have one of three issues:

  • The workstation is not physically connected to the network.
  • The browser needs to be setup.
  • Your school or district has a proxy server and the browser is not configured with the proxy settings.

All three issues will need to be addressed by the school or district technical staff.

If you can get to other websites but cannot access your hosted site, your district might be blocking traffic on port 443.

If your browser displays "The page cannot be found" and "HTTP Error 404 - File or directory not found. Internet Information Services (IIS)" when accessing the hosted site, you might be typing the address incorrectly. If you retype the correct address and still cannot connect, your ISP (Internet Service Provider) may have restricted access to the address of your hosted site. You will need to contact your ISP to have this changed.

If your browser displays either of the two messages listed below, the district or school may have requested limited access to the hosted site. Schools may do this if they do not want users, including personnel and parents, to access the site from home.

  • "You are not authorized to view this page" and "The Web server you are attempting to reach has a list of IP addresses that are not allowed to access the website, and the IP address of your browsing computer is on this list".
  • HTTP Error 403.6 - Forbidden: IP address of the client has been rejected.

Try connecting to, which is our demonstration website. You could also try accessing our corporate website, If you are unable to access one or both of these sites, your ISP may be blocking access. If you are able to enter the sites listed but not your hosted site, you should call Renaissance Learning Technical Support so that we can assist you with additional troubleshooting.

Unable to Connect the Client Applications

If you can connect to Renaissance Place, but are unable to connect your client applications (AccelScan or Renaissance Responder), you could have one of the following issues:

1)    You are not correctly typing in the address of your hosted site. You can check for the correct address by logging into your Renaissance Place Website and then navigating to: Product AdministrationDownload Supporting SoftwareDownloads. At the top of this page you will see a line that says:

Server Name/IP Address <Your hosted site address>.

Renaissance Place ID <Your RPID>

Note the information and type either the IP address or RPID in the address field for the client application. (Do not copy and paste the text because this could add extra spaces.)

2)    Your school or district has a proxy server that requires users to authenticate through the proxy to access sites outside of your network. This type of setup works fine for the browser since the browser application stores the username and password and passes it through to the proxy, but Renaissance Responder runs in the security context of a local user account. Generally the firewall/proxy administrator must make a change in the proxy software to not require authentication, but they may have an option to allow anonymous access only for traffic to and from the specific hosted address. One method of verifying whether proxy authentication is required is to try these steps on any workstation in your network:

a)    Close all open Internet browsers to assure there are no active authenticated sessions.

b)    Launch a new browser, and attempt to access a public web site (such as If you are presented with a username and password prompt, proxy authentication is setup as required. A school or district network administrator will have to either allow anonymous authentication entirely, or only for traffic to and from your specific hosted address.

Errors in the software in Renaissance Place

The errors listed below may occur if your district or school network may have a firewall, proxy server, or content filtering software that could prevent access to resources that are used by your Renaissance Place software. To be sure the software functions as designed, add an exception within your firewall, proxy, or content filtering software to allow inbound and outbound http and https communication with the * domain.  Also allow access to and from * If you are not able to set this type of wildcard exception, please refer to KB article #9345286 for additional information on allowing access to the resources used in Renaissance Place.

  • A warning alert is appearing on the Renaissance Place login page indicating you are not able to access resources used by the software.
  • When logging into Renaissance Place its taking over a minute to access the login page, and each subsequent page within the software.
  • Personnel users are not seeing the Live Support link on the right side of the screen when logged in.
  • When personnel users log into Renaissance Place and click to expand a product, nothing happens.
  • Reports seem to generate but are not displayed in the lower section of the browser, nor in a new browser window or PDF viewer.
  • Accelerated Math assignments that are manually scored will not generate the TOPS report instead, the message Download failed displays in the browser with options to [Cancel] and [Retry].
  • When viewing Accelerated Math worked examples, a new browser window opens with the Print or Save link but the example is not displayed.
  • While taking a STAR Math test, students see the message, There was a system error. Please ask your teacher or monitor for help, and the test closed out.
  • While taking a STAR Early Literacy test the question and answer choices are missing, and/or there is no sound.
  • When students click on Take a Quiz, or access their Bookshelf in the new AR interface, the search tips and book cover graphics are missing or a broken link is displayed (white box with a small red x in the upper left corner) in place of the images.
  • When students click on Start Working in the new Accelerated Reader student interface, the page hangs indefinitely with a spinning circle.

If you are receiving an error while STAR testing, especially when the test is just beginning and it happens every time, check your version of Adobe Flash Player by going to If you are not running a supported version, upgrade Flash Player. If you are already using a supported version, try uninstalling and reinstalling Flash Player. (An administrator to the computer should always install and uninstall client components.)

If the STAR test seems to freeze but the timer shows towards the end of the allowed time, the test may have lost focus in the browser. Move the mouse and click in the middle of the test screen, then try inputting the answer.

If you see the following message, "You are already taking a quiz. Please switch back to that window," when attempting to start a quiz using the old Accelerated Reader student interface in Internet Explorer 7 or below, the Accelerated Reader quiz pop-up window has been suppressed. You do not have to disable the pop-up blocker altogether, but you will have to add your Renaissance Place URL to the list of sites allowed to send pop-ups to each workstations browser, thus enabling the AR quiz pop-up window to appear when a quiz is called up by the student. The steps are listed below to add your hosted URL to the list of websites to allow pop-ups from:

1)    Open Internet Explorer.

2)    From the Tools menu, choose Internet Options.

3)    Click on the Privacy tab, and click [Settings].

4)    Under the Pop-up Blocker section, remove the check from Turn on Pop-up Blocker, or click [Settings] to add your Renaissance Place web site to the list of allowed sites.

5)    Click [Apply], then [OK].

You may also have a third-party browser add-on installed on your workstations (such as Yahoo! Toolbar or Google Toolbar) that also has a built in pop-up blocker. If that is the case, either uninstall the toolbar add-on, or refer to the online documentation to find out how to add Renaissance Place to the list of sites which pop-ups are allowed from.

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