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Printer compatibility for the AlphaSmart 3000.

Product: AlphaSmart 3000

Platform: Macintosh, Windows

Last Updated: 2014/07/15




Printer compatibility for the AlphaSmart 3000.




Infrared-equipped AlphaSmart 3000’s can print directly to USB printers via the USB IR Printer Pod.


If you are unsure if your 3000 has infrared, simply press the <send> key when not connected to a computer.  If the LCD screen displays “Connecting to computer (infrared mode)” then you have infrared.


The AlphaSmart 3000 can also print directly to printers using the Parallel Printer Cable, provided the printer has a parallel port, and is compatible with the AlphaSmart 3000.


NOTE:  Due to the short life cycle of printers, Renaissance Learning Incorporated does not test specific models for compatibility.


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