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What is ATOS?

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Last Updated: 4/24/2019


What is ATOS? 


ATOS (Advantage -TASA Open Standard) Readability Formula for Books is the new readability formula developed by Renaissance. Designed by a team of leading readability experts, ATOS eliminates many of the problems educators have always had with existing readability formulas. ATOS is the first formula to include statistics from actual student book-reading (over 30,000 students, reading almost 1,000,000 books); not just data based on short text passages. 

ATOS improves readability scoring of several types of books where previous formulas have been less accurate and less helpful to teachers. Because ATOS provides higher readability scores for longer books, it intrinsically encourages students to choose longer books because the Renaissance Accelerated Reader point values are now higher, reflecting the fact that their length makes them more difficult to read. ATOS also takes into account the differences between fiction and non-fiction. It more accurately levels low-level books, whether they are aimed at high-low or emergent readers. The result of all these improvements is less guesswork from both teacher and student. Better matching of books to students with ATOS will help teachers keep students in their appropriate reading range (zone of proximal development, referred to as ZPD), and thereby accelerate growth in student reading ability and learning.


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